Product Review: Dublin Venturer Boots III

My Dublin Venturer III boots have served me well. Straight out of the box I wore them for 3 straight days on a tradeshow stand. Tough start. They – and my feet – passed with flying colours. They are genuinely ‘all day’ comfortable. The RCS footbed and arch support really does do a terrific job for the demanding wearer. In fact I wore them pretty much every day over the Winter until lockdown.

Since April I really haven’t worn them (or any shoes) much at all. The arrival of Arthur, our Airedale puppy, changed all that a few weeks back. Now they are the perfect ‘slip on as fast as you can to chase the puppy into the garden’ pair of boots. There is one thing I didn’t know about these Dublin Venturer III boots though – they are tough, really tough. Puppy tough in fact. Arthur is giving them a thorough work over and several weeks in they remain undefeated!

Dublin Venturer III – all day comfortable and tough.

As recommended by Arthur.