Product Review: Dublin River Boots

I was hacking with my gelding on the morning of September 10th when he had a spook and jumped down a bank into a field and took off towards home. I fell off and landed on my right foot which resulted in me crushing my heel and breaking it.

I am recovering from a broken ankle on the same leg and bought the Dublin River Boots III after having my last pair cut off with that injury. I’ve had the boots for a month and have worn them everyday to ride and do yard chores, they’re comfortable, versatile and most importantly, supportive which is exactly what I need.

After the accident, the paramedics were called and arrived on scene about an hour later. They tried to pull my boots off to avoid cutting them, however my foot had swelled so much that it wasn’t possible. The paramedics sang the praises of the Dublin River Boots III and told me that they saved me from much worse injuries. The boots had kept everything in place and protected my already fragile ankle. As well as protecting my ankle, they kept my foot secure and in place meaning that the injury to my heel wasn’t as significant as it could’ve been.

I’m now being treated by New Cross Hospital and am hoping to be back on board in the months to come. I will definitely stick to using Dublin Clothing in the future and recommend everybody else to as well. I am so grateful to Dublin for the outstanding quality of their products, there really is no comparison.


Leah Franklin