Product Review: Dublin Gigi Full Grip Tech Breeches

The Great British weather at times likes to give us very little opportunity to allow us to dry off in particular when I have been riding or partaking in lessons and training. Recently, I ended up getting totally drenched (ie underwear wet drenched…) twice (yes twice!) in one day. There must be some sort of pact that the clouds have between them that they must soak me nearly everytime I ride! And so I thought enough was enough and I would go on a hunt to find some water repellent breeches so at least I had some chance of staying dry and I stumbled upon the Dublin Gigi Full Grip Tech Breeches. I thought I could not resist them and could not wait to test them out. Of course and predictably, when I wanted it to be raining when I tested these out – it wouldn’t be raining would it?!

I love the look and styling of the Breeches. They are so stretchy, comfortable yet sculpt superbly to your shape. These breeches have great grip on them making them ideal for sitting on fresh, spooky horses or trying to sit to the breakers’ bucks! The breeches have a phone pocket which is perfect for me meaning I can take my phone out with me when hacking along busy roads, providing me with some reassurance in case something happens. In the last few years, riding tights have grown in popularity and are now almost if not more popular than the breeches however even though I’m fairly young, I still like to be traditional (I guess the Pony Club and my mother has an influence on that!) and while I own a few pairs of tights which I love, I certainly still prefer the feel and look of the breeches so I was really pleased to see that there are modern breeches around infused with technical fabric and/or details. I was rather impressed with the water repellency of these breeches when it rained heavily one day as these breeches didn’t feel wet and I had such great compliments on the breeches with my friends wanting to purchase a pair!