Review: Dublin Silver Pro Riding Hat

I have an extremely large, extremely hot head. I think this heat is caused by being blessed with a veritable lion’s mane of hair, but whilst this may appear to be a wonderful thing when it’s all styled and has been faffed with for an hour, it’s an absolute pain when it comes to riding hats. There are few things less attractive than my head once I remove my riding hat – normally crimson and slightly damp. Delightful.

Bearing this in mind I set about trying to find a hat that I could wear at home that would keep my head cool, whilst still being up to standard safety wise. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across the Dublin Silver Pro range! These hats are not only stylish, but they’re lightweight, fit beautifully and the price points are fantastic. Being a boring traditional person, I opted for a Silver Pro in the plain microfibre suede outer in black, however, there are plenty of options for the more adventurous rider, including the Silver Pro Graphic which looks at least three times more expensive than it is and as though it should be perched atop a Whittaker in the ring atDublin Silver Pro Graphic Hickstead.

Oh what cool-headed bliss!!! The beautiful vents in the front and back mean that whilst I ride there is still air circulating around my head. The removable and washable Coolmax hat liner has done away with the need for a sanitary towel stuck into the brim to keep the liner from stinking after long, sweaty hours in the saddle during the summer months. The four point safety harness is incredibly stylish and comfortable, and the hat itself is lightweight and fits me beautifully – I particularly like the padded chin strap which cradles all three of my chins in a squishy hug while I’m working my horse.

I have searched for a long time to find a hat that fits well, keeps my head cool, and will protect me in the event of an accident. I’ve finally found one that ticks all these boxes in the Dublin Silver Pro, with the added bonus of it being exceptionally well priced too! Thank you Dublin, from both myself and all those whom I ride with, who no longer have to recoil in horror when I remove my riding hat.