A Day in the Life of... Dublin Ambassador Louise Beach

A Day in the Life…..

Today Dublin Ambassador Lousie Beach shares with us how the Dublin Aparrel range has helped her to stay warm this winter.

"A typical weekend day in the life of me and Shakey is fairly varied. We are on a DIY yard, so first I head over to turn out and prep his stable for later that day. Some mornings it has been absolutely Baltic weather this winter and I couldn’t have coped in the morning without my Dublin Thinsulate Winter Track Gloves. They are so lovely and warm and I am still able to do various rug buckles, haynets and all the mornings chores without them being too bulky.

The rest of the day will depend if we are heading out somewhere in the lorry, but most of the time we do a nice long hack at least one day of the weekend. I am fortunate that we have a few great routes with some lovely canters and even some logs to pop over! We will head out for 1-2 hours minimum and sometimes sitting on top on a hack can get rather chilly, but luckily for me I have the Dublin Annabelle Jacket! Where do I start with this one, it is so warm without getting too hot. The back is ideal to fit over the saddle when riding and the sleeves feature an inner cuff that fits perfectly over your gloves, leaving to gap for a chill to get in! A fleece lined neck and a removable hood make this my go to jacket in the winter.

Another big part of my day is walking my Springer Spaniel. 2017 sees the start of new walks and hiking with the dog and my fiancée. I like a lot of layers when walking rather than big bulky items and a top layer that keeps me warm without restriction. The Dublin Khloe Riding Vest does exactly this. It is super stylish for country walks followed by a pub lunch, but it still keeps me warm and doesn’t restrict any movement. Plus it has deep enough pockets for dog treats!"

Next week we will hear from Dublin Ambassador Ellie Donaldson.