Dublin performance cool-it gel riding tights

After purchasing two pairs of the Dublin performance cool-it gel riding tights last year, a pair for competition and a pair for general riding, it’s easy for me to say that they are one of my favourites!

The fabric is breathable which makes the cool-it tights perfect for riding in the hot summer months, they keep me cool and comfortable; However, I do still use them in the winter and don’t get cold.

The four way stretch fabric allows these tights to adjust to all shapes and sizes without being appearing or feeling forced, I wear a size smaller than usual. Having previous trouble finding breeches or jodhpurs to fit my slightly curvy figure, the Dublin cool-it tights are an easy fit and make me feel comfortable as well as looking stylish around the yard. Fellow riders often ask what brand or shop they are from and I happily say DUBLIN!

When riding, the PU silicone gel makes me feel secure in the saddle without restricting movement like other tested products do. I have used my cool-it tights for a year now (I ride daily) and the gel is still as good as new and there are no obvious signs of wear which is a huge bonus as I usually replace riding legwear yearly.

Belt loops on the mid-rise waistband are perfect for riders like me that prefer to wear a belt for fashion purposes, although the fit of the cool-it gel tights is so good a belt really isn’t necessary for anything other than looks but the choice is there.

Priced from £39.99 I think the Dublin performance cool-it gel tights are extremely good value for money compared to similar products from other brands. The tights are super comfortable, long lasting and stylish. What more could you want?