From Books to Barn - A Day in the Life of Dublin Ambassador Ellie Donaldson

A Day in the Life of...

School girl Ellie Donaldson

"In the morning, I start by feeding the horses before I turn them out at first light. I keep warm in this horrible weather in my Dublin Annabelle Jacket which is fleece lined. It's extra warm and you can move freely in it so you can reach the bottom of the feed tray! After school, I come up and muck them out and complete yard chores. At this point it's really cold since I get to the yard at around 5pm so I need my Dublin Thermal Overtrousers which are waterproof. They are great for when it's wet and cold at the yard. They are comfy and easy to walk around in. Finally, I ride later on around 7pm. We have been lucky in that it hasn't been too windy so I don't have to wear more than my Dublin Performance Audrey Jacket as it is really warm but also lightweight for jumping the horses in. I can also put layers underneath as it is not tight and it matches my riding hat which I love!"

That is a long day! Thank you for sharing Ellie.