Ambassador Update - Louise Beach

The last few months for us have been great, we have had quite a laid back attitude towards schooling over the winter and January involved lots of hacking!

We are working towards a BE season again this year so I want him to be as strong as possible, plus we both LOVE hacking! I am very lucky to have such lovely hacking where I am so we can incorporate plenty of fitness work and make it fun for us both.

It’s not only important for him to be fit and strong, but me as well…..I have been trying to find the motivation to go to the gym as often as possible and eat well….but sometimes my internal chocolate demon takes over!

We have been to a few jumping clinics and BE jump training and we have had a fall for the first time in years….I’m hoping it’s a good omen for the season! We have had our first play XC for the year, lost our first shoe and had the lorry serviced! Jabs, saddler, physio (for us both), aqua treadmill and lessons all booked, treated and fixed!

I have lived in my Dublin Annabelle Jacket this winter, with some super frosty temperatures it has been my absolute staple item, but I am hoping we can soon make the long term switch to the Audrey Jacket …..then spring will finally be here to stay!

Our first event is Munstead at the end of March where we are aiming for a fun, confident and happy round to get us started for the season!