Ambassador Update  - Louise Beach

March was a busy month for us at Shakey Eventing with our first BE of the season in our sights! It all started with some stud holes in his shoes at the beginning of the month!

We had a bit of a boot camp couple of weeks towards the middle of March with 4 lessons and a couple of aqua treadmill sessions. We popped over to Tweseldown to school over their XC course in prep for our first BE event and I got to really test how cool the Dublin Air Flow Jersey kept me… was top notch!

Then it was here, it was time for our first event of the season! I felt we had trained hard and we were ready! We had our Dublin dressage riding gloves at the ready, we had learnt the test, walked the courses and couldn’t be feeling better……or so I thought! Sadly it wasn’t our day and we weren’t quite committed enough in the showjumping!

Upon reflection I probably didn’t do enough to set him up, so April we will be back…..better prepared and fighting for a better result!!