Ambassador Update - Gemma Hague

Over the winter months we have been busy training with Hannah Esberger and Beatrice Stocks ready for our first British Dressage event later this month.  On-line Dressage has played a big part in our winter regime and we have gained a good set of results, 1st, 3rd and 1st since January.  Some of the classes we have competed in included give & retake of the reins so it's been a good opportunity to give our white Dublin Dressage Gloves a couple of outings.


In Family life the football season has kicked off again after the Christmas break and I am reminded why I love my Dublin Socks and Dublin Pinnacle Boots so much as I listen to the other parents grumble about cold feet!


My blog (, which documents life with me and Cash has been recognised by Haynet, the UK's biggest Equestrian and Rural blogging network as "Cream of the Crop".  This will give us added exposure and a wider audience to promote our favourite brands to.  This is something I'm really proud of, having only re-branded the site in the New Year it's fabulous to be acknowledged for my blogging.


As spring approaches we eagerly await the spring/summer collections and longer days = Hacking again at night :-)