Review: Dublin Silver Pro Riding Hat

After owning my previous hat for several years, I knew the time had come to replace it. I was looking for something a little smarter than a skull cap yet still affordable as I wasn’t riding quite so often now my horse is semi-retired. I came across the Dublin Silver Pro Hats at a show and decided to get fitted and ended up buying the Silver Pro in navy, it fitted well, is smart yet simple and would still look good in the show ring.

Riding Hat

I used to hate wearing my riding hat and would take it off as soon as I could after riding, but the Dublin Silver Pro is so comfortable you barely even know you are wearing it! I wore it through the heat of the summer and the vents kept my head cool, and for the first time, I didn’t have a sweaty head! I love that the liner is removable too so you can easily take it out to wash it if needed. I will definitely be purchasing another when the time comes to replace my hat again!

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