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Intensity Boots Technical Features & Benefits


 Intensity Innersole

Ortholite® System

Made from a unique compound using Ortholite® for it's antibacterial properties, increased breathability and to wick away moisture leaving your feet cool dry and fresh. Containing repeat memory technology the Ortholite® insole moulds to the shape of the foot providing secure fitting and springs back when you take of the boots so the thickness and shape of the liner is retained over time. 


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Heel & Forefoot Dimple Matrix

Enhances forefoot and heel feel with massaging qualities and promoting better air circulation for comfort.


High Rebound Pods

Podiatry positioned 'pods' to provide support and shock absorption where the foot needs it the most.


Flexible Stability Foam

Internal TPU foam under the sock liner that offers the foot support comfort and stability.


ABS Shank

Optimally located internal shank offer side and middle stability control without affecting flexibility. The lightweight shank is specifically designed to allow cushioning through the heel. The Flex Grooves in the forefoot provide extra flexibility.


Padded Shock Absorbing Cushion

Intensity Outersole

Cushioning foam located directly under the heel and through the shank to ensure every step is comfortable and offers premium shock absorption.


Lateral & Medial Support & Outrigger Motion Stability

Offers side and middle stability control to assist in strengthening and supporting the foot in the correct position and prevents rolling. 


Internal Heel Shock Absorbing Cushion

Located in the heel cavity for support.


Aqua Guard Zip

Strong YKK Aquaguard Zip keeps out moisture and dust


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Positive Stirrup Traction (PST)

Offers multi directional grip for wearing in the paddock and yard to grip in the stirrups and features a texture, designed to minimize clinging dirt and for easy clean. 


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Industrial Strength Rubber Outsole

Industrial engineered strong rubber outsole with a texture, designed to offer Positive Stirrup Traction (PST) and a close contact feel whilst riding.